Absolute Financial Consultancy & Services, a specialist financial planning company. It has been our privilege to work with over 500 clients and families since 2008, helping them move towards their financial and lifestyle goals with confidence. Adhering to the highest standards of integrity, transparency and customer service, the entire Absolute Financial Consultancy and Services geared to provide professional services to our clients and building fruitful long-term relationships.

We provide an unbiased advisory service to individuals and families after understanding their financial goals, current net-worth and risk analysis. The plan is prepared to create a holistic view of finances for the benefit of both an individual and a family. Besides preparing an action plan, we educate them on various ways of savings and the need to make appropriate investments as per financial goals, age, time horizon and Risk appetite.

Our prompt service levels, CRM technology, client-centric approach and understanding of financial markets set us aside from the rest. We believe in quality, deliver on our promises and work towards our client's benefit and their GROWTH.

Pramod Mishra

Proprietor & Financial Planner at Absolute Financial Consultancy and Services

Pramod has grown from strength to strength ever since he started his career in Financial Planning & Investment Advisory in 2008. He is a qualified and passionate financial planner with 9 years of experience in advisory services. He utilizes his clients financial resources in best possible manner and enhance their quality of life. His experience encompasses the entire array of Financial Services.

Pramod has been blessed in doing financial planning of more than 500 clients comprising businessmen, salaried employees, HNIs & NRIs. He has created significant value for his client base through prudent and disciplined investment advisory and financial planning.

Pramod lives in Mumbai with his happy family including his Wife, Son and Grand-Father. His favourite hobby is travelling and he also loves playing cricket.

To become the first choice financial planner for medium-high net worth individuals.

Whilst laying the foundation for the practice, our dream is to set up a practice that is completely aligned with client objectives. The intention is clearly to free clients from the task of managing their finances, so that they have the freedom to focus on the other more important facets of their life.

We develop investment strategies by providing personalized financial services. We deliver practical solutions to materialize your personal financial goals by drafting a financial plan road map to invest in the most appropriate investment avenues. We specialize in creating comprehensive financial plans to address the various aspects of finance in professional capacity.



"I was introduced to Mr Pramod by one of my colleagues, I was very hesitant in the first meeting to share personal information around my earnings and investments, but over a period of time have shared information on earnings and investments but also shared my financial goals and what are my plans around that. I could see Mr Pramod is diligent in his working, identifies gaps meticulously, helps work around working towards achievement of short term and long term financial goals. Very friendly person with availability to help on need basis... very importantly does not work based on doing advertisement of his own work".

Jamil Siddiqui
Sr Manager, Asian Paints

Feeling proud to say that I am his first client who experienced his End-End service and knowledge in what he does. Pramod is extremely amazing,hard working,smart working and full of confidence. His approach is marvelous and the best listener I have ever come across. He is professionally very smart in what ever job/task/client he handles. Hes very knowledgeable and makes your all wishes comes true. Hes Absolute "Jinn" for my family. Long Live Pramods company and may you get all that you deserve. Trust us,his service will never let you down.” Cheers, Kiran Sardar .

Kiran Sardar
AM, Accenture

In my first meet I was skeptical by his inexperienced and young looks.When he visited he was shy but 500% confident and ready to offer everything that he could give as if we were is last client. Hes such a positive and skillful planner which made me believe in " What you see may not be always true but what one can be deliver,when it can be delivered and how it can be delivered,is what matters most". Pramod has become part of our family now. He is amazingly talented guy and is our first financial planner and we are his first client. He has given us some amazing support and results that we could have ever imagined. His amazing skill in Financial planning has given us some great results thereby bringing us from negative to zero to a positive level. His outputs are tangible and gives us exact %(+- 2-3) as ROI what he initially promised. He asks us to follow some strict rules and once those are followed results are automatically guaranteed. Hes available to us 20*7. Thankyou Pramod for all your quality service and all the happiness and "sMILES" that you brought in our life.” Cheers, Pritee Sardar

Pritee Sardar
Manager, Accenture

Pramod is an excellent financial planner giving end to end solutions what we need for better future. Very meticulous and sincere for services to a customer.

Hareshwar Singh

I started my investment journey with Pramod from 2015. I still remember the first time when I met him. He took his time to understand my financial needs fully and then suggested investment plans that wil suit my goals. Unlike other financial advisors that I know, Pramod monitors my portfolio, stays in touch and is completely customer centric. I am happy to have him as my Investment Advisor. Way to go Pramod! I second his organisations approach- "Pramod's work is definitely to the prosperity of his clients like me"

Daryl Mathew
General Manager


We inspire people to the potential of greatness.

Financial Literacy seminars

We conduct financial literacy seminars as important life skill enhancement for various groups like Corporate Employees, Industrial Groups, Defence Services Officers, Social Organizations and Educational Institutes.

Financial Health Check up

A financial health check is advisable for you to be aware of your financial standing and to avert financial losses. Taking into account your age, marital status, employment status, property or other holdings and annual income, we look at the various elements that make up your overall financial health.

Actual Preparation of the Plan

We make comprehensive evaluation of clients current and future financial state by using currently known variables to predict future cash flows, asset values and withdrawal plans. We use current net worth, tax liabilities, asset allocation, and future retirement and estate plans in developing financial plans. These metrics are used along with estimates of asset growth to determine if a person's financial goals can be met in the future, or what steps need to be taken to ensure that they are.

Insurance and Risk Management

The Insurance and Risk Management concentration examines the techniques useful to Individuals in minimizing the potential financial and nonfinancial losses arising from their exposure to risk. These techniques range from traditional insurance products, to recent advances in corporate and insurer risk management.

Asset Allocation and Investment planning

This is the most important part in Financial PLanning. Here, client invest in various Asset Class like Delt, Equity, Metals etc. The desired allocation depends on the factors such as age, risk tolerance, investment objective, time horizon, etc. Strategic asset allocation benefits from regular rebalancing.

Retirement planning

A thriving "New Beginning" can be and should be a time for amazing engagement, growth, connections, contributions and increased possibilities. We specially designed to meet your post-retirement needs such as medical and living expenses. To ensure that you can enjoy your golden years with financial independence, we help you plan for your expenses and secure your future.

Tax planning and Estate Planning

We do analysis of one's financial situation from a tax efficiency point of view so as to plan one's finances in the most optimized manner. Tax planning allows a taxpayer to make the best use of the various tax exemptions, deductions and benefits to minimize their tax liability over a financial year. Estate planning is the collection of preparation tasks that serve to manage an individual's asset base in the event of their incapacitation or death, including the bequest of assets to heirs.

Specific Goal Planning

Goals planning is an effective way of getting desired outcomes. Most of us have dreams that require huge money to accomplish. Proper planning of such goals break the larger intimidating huge amount required into smaller and more achievable stepping stones.

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